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Random Japan 2024 and local top 10 manga sales

   articles ,   July 10, 2024  No Comments

If Japan isn’t full of otaku then why do they welcome you with Nintendo mascots? 😀 How is Baby G still a thing there? It’s amazing and what’s the message behind the meme lol? Japan respects its manga creators! I was very proud to catch this train and I didn’t…

Nihon-kai Sushi Asakusa Review

   articles   July 9, 2024  No Comments

Right then, it’s about time I share my photos and review everything while I’m waiting for KOFXVI.  Nihon-Kai is a lively izakaya spot where you can talk as loud as you want, the locals will be just as loud. While the beef isn’t that great to be honest, the seafood and…

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