Random Japan 2024 and local top 10 manga sales

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Random Japan 2024 and local top 10 manga sales

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If Japan isn’t full of otaku then why do they welcome you with Nintendo mascots? 😀

How is Baby G still a thing there? It’s amazing and what’s the message behind the meme lol?

Japan respects its manga creators! I was very proud to catch this train and I didn’t even watch the anime.

I was looking at this interesting tea vending machine and fortunately they put a message in English at the bottom.  Sorry for everyone else who doesn’t speak English, make sure you use your translator before buying, it’s fish stock for cooking!

This was the top 10 selling publications of the local bookstore in Asakusa (May 2024).  Notice for the comics: 1. Frieren 2. Jujitsu Kaisen 3. Oshinoko 4. Jojo 5. ? 6. Conan 7. Kaiji no 8 8. One piece 9. ? 10. Dr Stone

EVO is just around the corner as we wait to see the reveal of the KOFXV characters.  Who will be announced?  Stay tuned!

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