An itch you can’t bunk

“Absolykty outrageous”  “Bastards, I want a refund before even buying it, aktually I wont even buy it lul” “Mfs looking sketch af rn. Fuk dis game.” “You are so fucking right. Be my girlfriend?” Alice had stopped chuckling at the 100th comment like this but they just kept coming, it was now nearly a thousand.… Continue reading An itch you can’t bunk

Kagi 1

The beta is starting this weekend, apply now for exclusive access! The words hovered across the ripped chest of Fighter Man as he stood against an empty background, inviting you to try and hit him, of course he’d likely parry it and send you crying home to your mama.  Fortunately, this event was more about… Continue reading Kagi 1

001 A Family Man at Home

Tired of the noise, he looked up from his screen and around the table.   Everyone else was looking down.  The food hung mid air.  He thought about reminding Alice to close her mouth when she was chewing but she wasn’t even doing that.  She wasn’t really doing anything, just staring- with her mouth open; he… Continue reading 001 A Family Man at Home