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Podsumaki Episode 07: The Capcom and SNK crossover series

   FGC News   June 18, 2010  2 Comments

It was advertised a little while ago, and here it is now.? Podsumaki is a fighting game podcast that I (Wry Guy, the guy who writes the King of Fighters Love Letter) do on the side with other members of the Destructoid community.? Lots of random banter and smack talk…

E for Effort: King of Fighters Maximum Impact

   FGC News   June 6, 2010  16 Comments

SNK is an interesting company to research and write about, especially because they’re completely downplayed and have been outside the public scope of knowledge for a long time.? Despite this they used to produce some of the most advanced gaming hardware of the “Golden Era” that is the age of…

Announcing Podsumaki, a fighting game podcast

   FGC News   April 24, 2010  1 Comment

Wry Guy here.? It’s been a while since I posted a King of Fighters Love Letter, but trust me when I say the project isn’t dead.? I make the Love Letter on my personal Destructoid blog and then do my best to improve it by the time it makes it…

The King of Fighters Love Letter: KOF 95

Welcome back to the King of Fighters Love Letter. With King of Fighters XIII just being announced I intend to help further blossom any enthusiasm you may have for the King of Fighters series by offering you the story that few people have successfully explained. Rest assured, this series isn’t…

Tainted Beauty: The Death and Rebirth of a Genre

   FGC News   March 23, 2010  7 Comments

Two dimensional fighting games are a very interesting genre to me. It’s my personal belief that games should be as simple as possible in order to allow everyone who has a natural interest to be able to enjoy them. That doesn’t mean I want games to be dumbed down, mind…

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