Podsumaki Episode 07: The Capcom and SNK crossover series

It was advertised a little while ago, and here it is now.? Podsumaki is a fighting game podcast that I (Wry Guy, the guy who writes the King of Fighters Love Letter) do on the side with other members of the Destructoid community.? Lots of random banter and smack talk is to be expected, and be sure to not take any of the SNK bashing seriously.? It’s just a friendly hazing type of thing we all do. Please listen and give us your thoughts on the show.

The show doesn’t have the same kind of freedom when posting on Orochinagi compared to Destructoid, so if anyone interested would like to see a much more detailed page featuring contests, prizes, and notes you can follow the episode to its original source.

Published by Wry Guy

Just a KOF fan from the Destructoid community looking to spread some KOF Love. We'll be seeing how well I fit in around here.

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