Steam Sale!

Hey guys, I’m pleased to report the Steam Autumn Sale has now started!!!!

It’s a previous Sale that got me started on Steam in the first place, so definitely a good time for anyone new to join Steam! (it’s the PC version of PSN/XboxLive)
Most of these deals expire on 3rd December, but a few before then.
I’ve found the best place to see a summary of current Steam sales is

There are LOADS of good games on sale this time!! Below are just a few that caught my eye/interest, but there are lots I haven’t mentioned (total 3632 items on sale).

50% off
** The King Of Fighters XIII (vastly superior netcode to the console versions, I’m definitely getting it this time!!) – £11.49
** Divekick (looks like it survived its previous sale) – £3.49
** Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Complete Pack – £14.99 (or £7.49 for just the game, maybe just get that if you’re waiting for Ultra)
** Street Fighter X Tekken: Complete Pack – £14.99 (or £11.49 for just the game)
* Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (MK9) – £12.49
* Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (older MKs) – £3.49
* Mirror’s Edge – £7.49
* Tomb Raider (ALL the ones I know, seems high value) – £22.49
* Ridge Racer Unbounded Bundle – £9.99 (or £4.99 for just the game)
* Duke Nukem Forever Collection – £13.74 (or £7.49 for just the game)

66% off
* The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Legendary Edition (non-Legendary is much cheaper, below) £10.19

75% off
* Hacker Complete Bundle (£4.99 now, from an original £32 value!)
* Earthworm Jim Collection (EJ 1,2 & 3D)- £3.99
* eXceed Complete Pack (shoot-em-up) – £1.62
* Crysis Collection (Crysis 1,2Max, and Warhead) – £9.99
* Puzzle Bots – £0.87
* Puzzle Dimension – £0.49
** Thomas Was Alone (extremely simple platformer, but very fun/engaging!) – £1.49
* The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (not Legendary Edition) – £3.74

80% off
* AudioSurf (racing game where levels are defined by your own music?) – £1.19
* Off-Road Drive – £5.99
** Super Hexagon (popular mobile puzzler) £0.39

25% off (but I still think definitely worth a purchase/look)
** The Typing of The Dead: Overkill (AWESOME classic typing game based on The House of the Dead, and will build useful skills! This new version has updated graphics and theme from Wii HOTD:Overkill) – £11.24
* The Mysterious Cities of Gold (GET IT if you are a fan of either the old 80s or new 2012/2013 series! otherwise a decent kids puzzle game) – £10.49
* Injustice: <blasphemous subtitle> Ultimate Edition – £29.99 pre-order (it’s brand new on Steam)

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