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Tokyo Leisure Land 1 

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These are nice arcades, maybe quiet, good if you want to avoid the busier HEY etc.
TLL1 is opposite Mulan’s new 2nd store, past KFC / Trader.  Most people don’t realise they’re walking past it!  There have been tournaments here but it’s best to check with the community first.

Haregoro commentates a tournament at TLL while Kabao smiles!

Haregoro commentates a tournament at TLL while Kabao smiles! Photo thanks to Myu.

Tokyo Leisureland 2

Tokyo Leisure Land 2

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Along with the times, TLL2 has reduced its size, now occupying only the 7th Floor of the Don Quijote tower.

So you’ll have to take the elevator to visit every floor of Donki or be smart and find the lift at the back!  In fact there’s another lift behind the building – where you’ll find Akiba Island- Map

Access via Akiba Island

This is a pachinko hall, but it has the back entrance to Tokyo Leisure Land 2.  If you’re facing Try Tower, head left, and you can’t miss it.  Note, the front decoration often changes.  The elevator to Tokyo Leisure Land is just on the right of the entrance.