Orochinagi are a team of event organisers and creatives, now partnered with Ouest Games.

Orochinagi promotes and brings the hype for games through events, videos, blogging and social networking.

We work closely with the fighting game community in the UK, France, USA and Japan, and with the industry: SNK Playmore, Arc System Works, Rising Star Games, Atlus, Zen United, Hori, Qanba, Koei Tecmo, Koch Media and eLive.pro.

Orochinagi were responsible for tournament organisation in the following events, to name a few:

Not to mention creating and managing the following events
  • 3ON3 (London and Paris) Tournament
  • WGC Qualifiers (Winner flew to France)
  • Hypespotting Qualifiers (Winner flew to Scotland)
  • Unlimited Face/Off (Brought the first KOF XIII arcade machine to London from France with the help of Maxmode)
  • ArcFest
  • Euro Road to Evo (Winner flew to the biggest tournament in the World: Evolution in Las Vegas, USA)
  • 94×2002 Tournament (promoting an old game with a new game)

And being involved behind the scenes with many many others.

With commentary / streaming supplied for various majors including:

  • Hypespotting
  • Stunfest
  • Cannes Winter Clash
  • World Games Cup
  • Republic of Fighters
  • Red Fight District
  • Super Versus Battle


If you were looking for the site using the URL kof.fighters.net/ wutech.net / kingoffighters.planets.gamespy.com, you’ve come to the right place.

You can read the history of Orochinagi, as it moved from server to server and evolved, here.

Current Staff:

Founding Owner:  Alan François (Gunsmith)

Event Organisers: Dark Chaotix (Micka Camille), Vicio (Benjamin Martinez), Myu (E. Miyamoto) , Tortita (Paulo José Sandoval Suazo). FReeZer (Redouane) and Emperor Cow (Khaled Habbab).

Website Authors: Dark Chaotix, Emperor Cow, Tortita, Neo Penny, Penpen, Yuki Yagami, Foxhole, Shiny, CrazyPuncher13, ToxicAvanger, General Skirmish, ZeroNiiro, OCV.Gilgamesh, Wry Guy

Forum Admin: SonicTempest, Gunsmith

Forum Moderators: Shiny, Bugle/Hawk M, Penpen, Vice Vecta, Perfect Stranger, Ctrl+Awesome, Alseid, Zaro Yagami, Iie Kyo

Honourable Mentions for Outstanding Service to the Community: Style, Taizo, K’ Evans, Fat Cat Lim, Sheba, Setsuna X, Wolferaizer, Kyo Wa, Hebretto

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