MCM Expo Finals

There is nothing else to say – this was a FANTASTIC event!!!  No need for hype – you can see and hear the crowd go nuts for KOF XIII and most of them haven’t even seen it before!   It was truly shocking….

Watch live video from EXDRAGON Project on Justin.tvThanks to Gamespot UK for the opportunity to go on the stage, Exdragonproject for putting up a dazzling stream and of course Rising Star Games for the jaw dropping stand and setups and posters and prizes and complete support for the community!!! SNKP will be very pleased, most chuffed, super happy!!!

Thanks to’s Ricky95 and Laurent, who were on hand to take lots of photos and videos (coming soon!), which was very fortunate as Gunsmith had his hands full with being the tournament director and commentator the whole weekend.  Thanks to Firei from the Blazblue community for co-commentating on yesterday’s stream.

Thanks to Hori for supplying their VX SA sticks, which have a nice wrist rest – if you enjoyed using them, check them out here.

AND THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF THE COMMUNITY.  We’ve seen lots of new people try out the game and seemed very happy with it (and most of them having also played SVT and UMVC3)!!  All the free posters were snapped up!!  Judging from all this, there is no need for the H word.  2011/12 is going to be HUGE for KOF.  HUGE… You’re gonna love it!

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