I’ve been busy, but I’m still sorry. It’s nearly the end of summer, and it’s been as quick as expected. SNK finally added new ranks and matchmaking improved, so even while other players have started training other games, KOFXV is getting another booster.  I’m not going to mention vaccines but it has to be said that no matter how amazing the patch is,, and even how strong and interesting Najd is, player numbers always spike and then fall. The new immortal rank has been reached by a few, but that’s not without accepting pings of 100 or so.  And while the game is certainly playable at 100ms, that doesn’t mean it’s enjoyable.  Anyway, I’m having enough fun with Goenitz and I would really like to see a season 3, although that seems to be less and less likely, as SNK just announced 3 other projects they have started.  Still, with the SNKWC on the horizon, there is certainly life in this one year old dog yet.  Smash Bros is a game from 2018 and KOF13 is still a thing. Speaking of old dogs, there is a community tournament going on tomorrow , and it’s quite the leap of faith for the net code.

Does x even support embedded tweets anymore?

I got my invite quite late but that’s not Raito’s fault. Then I got invited to join the NeoGeoMen, which reminds me of a doujinshi but that’s neither here nor there. I’ll be joining and bringing the Shermie power along with Frionel.

Also there’s a new documentary about Misterio but those who know, know they can’t tell the full story. Maybe one day.

Did you see xbox finally has an exclusive? Persona 3 remaster looking good!

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