*update with some new attack patterns and fixed some tweets that weren’t displaying *updated with streams! Art, combos, framedata and some attack patterns for SNK’s newest dlc character. In only a day, her trailer has half the views of Kim’s!  She has a new crossup C, a new command throw, charge attack and a ground projectile! She simply feels like a new character!  Try her out, and here is a great collection of community posts to help you along!

As usual please email or DM for removal, apologies for not asking first. Here are some choice tweets which have been curated.

Sylvie joins the dlc squad and according to get official story, is literally banded with whomever you choose; that is canon, as Helsic demonstrates:

There are of course some lovely artworks as Sylvie is released, not to mention some pandering to the male gaze haha, with an overzealous boost to Sylvie’s usual bust. Enjoy!

A lot of combos have stemmed from quick max after her fwd A in mid air but Tawarazawa demonstrates activating max mode after hcb PP!

While we are quite sure of Sylvie’s roots in Harajuku style and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, there has been discussion of BabyMetal as the new inspiration for the new costume. As far as I can see, it’s possible, but only in terms of going to the darker colours, whereas in terms of costume design, there is no link visible.

Persona shows you can combo off her new ground projectile

Gatoray will make you question whether all the maxmoding is worth it

5 bar kill? Of course! How about a practical kill from her new charge attack? Flashback shows you how:

Gatoray shows the full invincibility of her supers


Sylvie does have an infinite, but it’s literally harmless, unless your opponent wants to win by timeout, then it’s fatal and very very lame… But who knows the audience might react! Note that SNK has confirmed it will remove it.

You can kara cd, or was that just a placebo for good timing?  Either way this will be patched.

The conventional ground route 5 bar combo is still good but perhaps limited to practice mode for fun, as Kawama3141 demos:

As for more realistic combos, 1.5meters for 425 damage, from a crouching B, is very good.

Perhaps the realest post here, fwd A as anti air into combo, check it out!!!

Deiver shows how fast she is, but can you keep up?

2bar stand c punish from koukou

Along with the infinite, Sylvie may get some nerfs including her fall speed

Comboing off her grab is possible but may need a microdash or perhaps a kara cd?

Koukou’s corner only grab combo:

Sylvie has plenty safe jumps too

Combos from crB and grabs


Yeah she has a new crossup

Frionel shows 1 bar is enough to inflict more than 50% damage. Surely corner only, however.


Dune goes into detail about countermeasures

Frame data


Grab the wallpaper for your phone!

And she had her interview!

Attack patterns

After all the combos and move studies, how to actually play Sylvie is the concern. Here Tennkawa, a big fan of Sylvie, shows off what seems to be a nasty confusing crossup, dazzling the opponent afterwards into probably getting hit in front:

Here is a little flow to punish opponents who try to mash:

Want to punish with cd?

Nice string, don’t intterupt!



and finally don’t forget our tournament!

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