Public opinion on Draft Mode

The tournament was fun, but running it was exhausting! The players enjoyed the format but there wasn’t as much character stealing as viewers would have liked, I think. It was very entertaining when it did happen.

The coin flipping took way too much time! Upon reflection, the mode can work as is, if the game is balanced enough. Right now, just before the new patch of January 2023, it certainly is not! There were matches without Krohnen, but the matches where he was present usually demonstrated he was clearly a huge advantage. A randomiser for first pick would be nice but if the game is balanced enough, it won’t be necessary. If the game has one clear god-tier character, then it will need a ramdomiser, as 1p slot will always have the advantage, and even if 2p takes over, then 1p will get it back afterwards and win the FT2 set.

Draft mode, along with party mode, is one of the fun aspects of online mode that needed more promotion, and I believe the tournament achieved that. 68% would actually like to play draft mode while 64% of viewers wanted to see another tournament. What needs to be done is to streamline the online mode so it doesn’t divide up the playerbase so much. It may be too late for kofxv, but SNK surely will be looking at how to implement this for the next Fatal Fury title.

I have sent in a few ideas and proposals, perhaps they have already moved in that direction, time will tell,  with management of resources and pressing competition from SF6 and T8 in the summer, ultimately it’s up to them to decide if it’s worth it to update or to put all that effort into Fatal Fury.  Sales for Shingo and Kim will certainly influence this decision, but don’t forget crossplay is coming, there is still more KOF XV to come!

You can watch the action below.  Thanks again to SNK for supporting, and here’s wishing them, and us, best of luck with KOF XV in 2023.  Feel free to leave your opinion on Draft mode and let us know what you think.  Party mode next?


Just posting this here in case my twitter disappears:

When asked if they wanted to see another tournament, twitter responded:

  • Yes 64% | No 4% | Don’t know 8% | Depends on balance 24%
When asked if they wanted to actually play the mode:
  • Yes 68% | No 20% | Not sure 12%

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