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Patch 1.62 Best Tweets

   FGC News ,   January 24, 2023  No Comments

It’s been a week, it’s barely the end of marking period at university, and with various other things going on, I’ve noticed a drop in online activity but a resurgence in tech posts which would suggest players are more busy trying out the new characters rather than going online; at the rate I’m going, I won’t be ready for a while yet!

Remember that the patch note with inputs can be found here

The reception is devoid of complaints so far, so that’s a great sign. There are some who wish Krohnen hadnt changed but that’s par for the course. Who will be the newest top tier doesn’t seem clear and that again is a great sign of balance. However, it’s early days. Shingo is fun and hasn’t broken the game with his gacha chance gameplay. Some characters have been buffed, some nerfed, and some key features have been tweaked. Again so far, no complaints, so that’s a good thing, let’s go!!

The nerfind of ‘crouching B as anti air’ did not affect punishing landing opponents, so there is still no tripguard in KOF.

The top players have been using Krohnen, Iori, Andy, Kula, K’, Chiz, Kyo, Jenet, O.Yashi Right now there’s a big spread of characters as they are digging for tiers with Meity, Heidern, Shun’Ei and… Luong.

Let’s take a look at what’s been posted so far. I apologise in advance if you didn’t want your tweets to be posted here, I didn’t have time to indivually ask everyone for permission. Please send me a message and I’ll remove it, sorry again.


The new changes to crouching B as anti air hasn’t even been demonstrated simply, at least I didn’t see it, but I will update this post with my own demo.


Might be a new threat, as with many characters, which is a good sign for overall balance, at the same time terrifying.


Not sure why this character got buffed but okayyyyyyy,



She has a few moves speeded up, ofc those who don’t use her won’t see anything apart from more damage coming their way.  However if you depend on that crossup C, watch out, people are getting wise to it by using rdp.

B Jenet

The pirate still seems strong, even though her far C spam has been slowed down by 2F. Not really a surprise for the next Fatal Fury game icon.


Nobody will make a video about his far D, but it’s invulnerable to crouch D, so he’ll be more aggressive in play. The 3F ex is not a buff, it’s always been there, but people were focused on combos!


Might be the new annoying crouching character.


Can’t build meter from whiff grabs, so you have to do Vulcan. As Oogosyo says, he’s harder to use which means it’ll be harder to deal with Iori.


Another character who didn’t need buffs but she got some!


Surf’s up dude with an anywhere juggle property but I don’t feel like continuing to play this character… I played her for the last season and we didn’t gel. But if you haven’t tried her, you should, she’s very fun!




The cat got a heavy nerf as it’s no longer possible to mash crouching A into EX qcf, now he’s one of those characters that need a bit more skill, but is it that much more?


I feel like Geese will stay under the radar and remain a very strong character.


He’s going to be top tier again but not invincible. It feels like he is being brought closer to his XIV tier so the question is why wasn’t he like that in the first place? Also, a lot of combos are showcasing 4 bars, which means anchor position. On the other hand, there is Koukou…




Apparently SNK wanted players to use the heart attack more often in combos. With the 2F speed up, they got their wish.


Watch out for this character. Xiaohai has taken quite a shine to her, which is good news for seeing more of the lovely lady on screen, or bad news if you’re an opponent, with her instant guard break (on bigger opponents) and crossup game.


Well, SNK listened to the overwhelming outcry and this character is no longer the beginners’ favourite. He is now left in the hands of the pro players, and there he is still deadly, who will commit to his slow dp, and cancel it into super as usual. However, they miss, the recovery is now so long, you could activate and destroy them utterly.





Orochi Chris

Orochi Yashiro

Combos improved. He is turning out to be the real value for money dlc that should have always been better than the free Yashiro.

O Shermie



From the weakest rated character to something scary? The opinions are mixed on whether he is still viable but these buffs are definitely appreciated and need to be explored.


Rugal still feels like a nerfed boss, but if course he is, the boss run, although ‘easy’, contains a Rugal with potentially terrifying power. So making him playable and not OP (bearing in mind he’s a free character and of no financial benefit to SNK) must be quite the challenge. His new far C cancel property should make him more interesting in attack.


So everyone knows that her crouching C is 2F slower and the hitbox is reduced, but that will still hit most precise jump ins on reaction. For others it may be better to rely on stand C, the concurrent theme being to change the way of playing, a standing counter being more risky and open.

The addition of Shermie Cute after Whip is nice, but the pros won’t use it due to the loss of mix up.


Gatcha players have their character now. The mental stack is a bit much at first, but after a bit of practice you will be ready to do one of two combos at any time, depending on getting a critical hit! As for tournament pressure, well…

Shingo is a fun character, lots of fun combos, OTGs, big damage, and the combos are easy!  Players say his anti airs are not strong, it doesn’t seem so to me, but I haven’t played anyone online yet!


Perhaps the most worked on character. Will his air game make any difference?




Another dlc character getting some value for money buffs that he should have had before.



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