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KOFXV has many game modes that bring variety and fun, one of them is the DRAFT mode. This tournament uses that format.  The first player will choose one character, the second player then chooses two.  Then the first player chooses their next character and then the second player picks their last character, then player one can pick their last.  It makes for fun viewing as the players try to counter pick each other, as only one player can take the strongest character, yes, that’s right, there are no mirrors, each character can only be picked ONCE.  There can only be one Krohnen per match!!!

Match Format is FT2. COIN TOSS for first position FOR EVERY MATCH. If you lose, you can blame your luck.

Winners stages are also FT2 but may be extended to FT3 if time allows.

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This is an invitational tournament. Players have been chosen based on ability to handle the Morocco Region.  If you would like to join future events, please comment or msg me (links down below)

16 PLAYERS (in no particular order)

  • 1. Zouni

  • Crossover and Brussels Challenge Champion, 5th at SNKR


  • 2. Bubblan

  • The infamous Ash user, now armed to the teeth with toptiers and hitbox!


  • 3. vSlash|FReZZer

  • Well travelled champion, ICFC leader, even featured in Famitsu, and now Esports manager, Frezzer returns! 4th place at SNKR!


  • 4. Will2Pac

  • Best Kim of Europe? The guy who will knock out the favourite, don’t sleep on this player!


  • 5. Frionel

  • Always in the final stages, the classic, with a pocket Kukri, draft may be to his advantage!


  • 6. XFrame

  • 5th place at SNK Regional Finals. SaltyEU & Eurobeatdown champion
  • Sadly, Xframe had to go in to work, so Hungry-Man took his place, and as you know, had the quite experience…


  • 7. Rayzo

  • The Kukri specialist, should be good fun to see what happens if someone steals the Morrocan prince! Yes, he made that costume himself and even made Antonov’s belt!


  • 8. KOFmadness

  • This player has been giving everyone many headaches with a solid, solid Clark!


  • 9. AbdouKOF

  • Working hard to stream fighting games, watch out for this multiskilled competitor!


  • 10. Wolfman

  • Another veteran of the FGC, 3rd place at SNK Regionals! Nuff said!


  • 11. RedRaven

  • Really improved over the last year and could cause an upset in 2023!


  • 12. Nissouma

  • Out of nowhere went straight to 2nd place at SNK Regional Finals! Without Kurinyanko, will he be the clear winner this time?


  • 13. LordTenrai

  • From humble beginnings to 7th place at SNK Regionals.  The long distance connection will probably be his only obstacle!


  • 14. Deiver

  • The rivalry with Bubblan was fantastic to watch and Deiver otherwise is top 10 in Europe! Hailing from Chile, residing currently in Spain, Deiver has delivered a real shock to the veterans!


  •  15. ROV| Monoborracho

  • Usually playing Tekken, this player stormed into the SNK Regionals and has been having fun with KOFXV!


  • 16. Megaman Azeddine

  • Last but not least, a champion of KOF2002UM , KOFXV & 98FE!  Watch out for the superfast reflexes even online!


  • Bleh, Gunsmith is out
  • KuriNyanko (busy)
  • Charlybeatz (busy)
  • SandmanCre (busy)
  • Mr7 (couldn’t give a clear answer)
  • Nemo Smash (busy)
  • Aka Ash, Victor, Ky Dragon (ps4 only)
  • WarriorofSand and others didn’t answer, better check your Steam messages!
  • I’ll be inviting more next time with more comfortable regions!

7 Jan 2023 at 12:00 CET – that’s lunchtime in Europe innit




Your viewing experience will be enhanced by two veterans of the scene, Frionel and Gunsmith.

  • Gunsmith

  • Frionel

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Thanks to SNK, all the players, and YOU.

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