What’s next for SNK

I was told that SNK knew everything they had to do.

It really does seem like they are listening to the community.  But will it pay off?

Evo was great, the tournament had some upsets, some misdirections by Sony, and then a great announcement by SNK to balance out the leaks.

Now with Shingo and Kim confirmed, who were both high in polls, the question for SNK will now be how well they can rely on these, when they see the sales.  Will these players pay for who they voted for or was it just a popularity contest?  Tournament players won’t have any choice, unless these dlcs are not top tier.  But who would take the chance, when you want to make sure your opponents don’t have the upper hand?  Who is left now out of the playerbase anyway? Is it not hardcore players?  We’ve seen before that casual players come back every time there is a new dlc, and right now that’s definitely true.  DLC lengthens the longevity of a title, and if players continue to invest in these new characters, KOFXV can keep going for a good few years.  But will SNK develop new characters, or recycle/improve KOFXIV assets?  Will Sylvie ever be seen again?  How much will the difference in taste between East and West influence SNK’s decision?


Is it going to be solo entries or teams?  In my opinion, it should be teams, I feel more value in that.  Selling a pack means you can have one legend plus two not so amazing characters and hey, you boost your collection and feel you saved some money, but SNK could sell each separately and then they will really know how popular a character is.

So many questions: but for me, it’s about would be best value for us, the players: in my opinion, it should be one legend, one waifu and something SNK wants to recycle.  So for example, Shingo, Saisyu and Daimon would be absolutely nice, but it’s more likely to be Shingo, Alice and MuiMui or Kensou.  Sorry to offend but who the hell cares about the latter two (sorry MichelS, Cristina, Esaka, those characters just aren’t popular in the West).  Remember that SNK is also busy developing Mow2 and Samsho8 and KOF16.  Three projects, ooof.

We have a new round of cryptic leaks and again I’m getting messages asking to confirm it, because as you all know, my uncle works for SNK.  One leak was real, countless others were fake, so once again, just have fun with it, we’ll know if it’s real when it’s actually confirmed.  As if I would confirm it, even if I knew.  Tch.

Just in, sadly, Duelling the KOF has been postponed due to covid concerns.  Damn.

As Summer draws to a close, holidays end and people return to work/education.  Perhaps player counts will rise again as the Matchmaking seems to be improved, or is it just as it ever was, reflected simply by the bumped up player count due to new DLC.  Whatever the case, the new Orochi team are fun, strong but not overpowered.  The future seems bright, with a new balance patch hopefully coming for Krohnen and Kula with the Samurai Shodown dlc.  I just hope SNK don’t over reach, as the player base gets divided up between all the games with rollback!  Too many good games and not enough time to play them all!

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