New Cryptic Leaks

Let’s talk again about the next round of leaks. You know, the one where they write at the bottom that’s it’s a fan creation but for some reason, certain people either can’t read or just can’t cope with the truth and cling onto the hope that their favourite character that nobody likes is going to return.

But then there’s the affair of the Tetsuo/Hockey Rugal leak, which turned out to be real. Very real. It still hurts, and it’s thrown everything up into the air because now even when a leak looks stupid, you suddenly have a doubt that SNK is going to do something absolutely crazy and shatter your expectations.  Every smart, lore-wise fan knows that you can’t have Orochi Yashiro and Yashiro in the same team.  And then SNK turned around and noped your beliefs into the stratosphere.

So what’s next? We know that MOW2 has been green lit by the higher ups, so if SNK wants to be efficient as possible, it would make sense to create these models that they could use as KOFXV dlc too. However, that does mean there’s less surprise for that new title. On the other hand we don’t know how big the roster will be, or even if it’s going to be a traditional fighting game. Still, the more the merrier, and while I highly doubt it could match KOF’s roster, if it’s a open world title, it could easily use all the assets in KOF and still need more.

Now let’s look at one of the many leaks:

You can almost smell the crack that is getting passed around, as the fans get high over solving these puzzles.

The first team is solved as Shingo, Terry and MuiMui. However, who else wears a bikini and has a black star? Well isn’t that Alice? As for the dragon power, it could be Mui Mui but there is one other forgotten character that was left behind with the dragon Saga: Kensou. The problem here is that neither Kensou or MuiMui are popular, at least, from where I’m standing… nor Alice and lady Terry but at least Terry is “funny”. It’s interesting that many fans are outspoken about how they didn’t like SNK’s move into pachinko.

Focus on making games rather than gambling, I’m gonna assume is the reason. I personally don’t care what SNK does, as long as it makes money so they can make the best KOF possible, even if that means taking advantage of gambling addicts. Gacha is the same. And I’m an addict too, but you can still be nice to your fellow human.

Back to the leaks, team 6 points to Kim and Yuki from Last Blade. That would be fun. And a huge risk. How popular is she? I didn’t even remember her name. The first picture represents a teacher or school or learning… Maybe Takuma? I also want to say Daimon but he’s referenced in another team, oh wait, it’s definitely Daimon.  The second picture has me stumped. The third set of pictures refers to 98 Athena and Kamen Rider. The assumption of Skullomania is welcome and the collab is overdue.  But what is the link? Ah, d’oh, it’s May Lee. The super hero obsession is what nails it . But really? Sounds like copium. There was like one person screaming for May Lee on every SNK post. Surely SNK didn’t listen to that .. or did they…. maybe this is the author of this leak lol well I could be wrong but I’m gonna say no wayyyyy! Can you imagine the reception at Evo? This isn’t Geese, this isn’t Shermie, this isn’t Angel. It’s … May Lee zzzzzz. On the other hand, she’s actually an interesting character to play, totally refreshing…

Team 7 is very strange. Janne is another character that should fit easily but the earrings? I don’t see the link. This makes me think of Adelheid and now I’m starting to wonder if the poster is trying to misdirect, especially when the second set of obviously Duck King. As discussed earlier, this asset would be efficient for SNK to use again in MOW2. The last set could be any female character but it makes me think of Mature’s climax in KOF14. The question is would they separate Mature and Vice? Well, they already did this in KOF12… But arguably not because they wanted to… Still, putting the son of Rugal with his father’s ex secretaries is absolutely batshit but then again, I never imagined Heidern would be with Isla, and she would be team leader. It just didn’t make sense!!!

The last team could be Daimon, Shen and Duo Lon,  but you could put Ryu, Chun Li and Dhalsim, I guess lol

And that would be a decent roster… But nothing is confirmed and morning is real until we see the real roster.  What do you think?

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