Let’s get new KOFXV Mods!

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Let’s get new KOFXV Mods!

Mods are such great fun and give new life to the game! Now I’ve spent $65 on mods and I’ll spend a bit more, so I hope you’re enjoying these! Every donator gets an early copy if the goal is reached (JUNE 16)! If not, don’t worry, it will go public for everyone later. If there’s low interest, I’ll offer a refund. If the modder can’t make the mod, I’ll offer a refund. Either way, if you can spare a little change, even $1, it helps the community! Please share so we can get these out to you asap!

Ken for Ryo

The community vote winner!

Dan for Ryo

Lady Billy Kane

The Rock on Ralf

Maxima Epic Quest Skin

Lady Maxima

Note that the modder is busy and it can take time to make. If offers are not replied to, I’ll assume no refund is necessary. Many thanks for your support!  If you have any suggestions, please remember the new skin should fit the character, think about the size of arms and legs and hurtboxes, for example, if you put a Ryu skin on Yuri, his arms and legs will become thin!

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