A Rejuvination #kofxv

Wow. What is SNK thinking? The battle planner has made some system changes that are not exactly in line with the initial intention – at least what we surmised – of slowing the game down. In the following video I take a quick look at the system notes and the adjustments to the first set of characters. Then we’ll see the best posts for characters for today. So far, it’s injecting fresh life into the game, and frankly we weren’t even tired!!!
The reception is good for day one but there’s some bugs and players are busy trying combos rather than testing the hit stun, which is actually going to make the game faster, and confirms HARDER. … But some characters got a faster run! … Early days… But freshness is always welcome.

The changes such as the higher hurtbox when jumping make the game more fluid and less aggravating, and of course less in favour for the projectile characters such as King and Robert. The reduction of crouching B stun is interesting and concerning. As for Terry’s ex crackshot..

The New Characters

Yamazaki has some tasty damage, well worth the money

Frame data

Billy has some strange hitboxes but he can do lovely damage, although setting up the crossup would be nice

Geese has some nice setups, quite scary

If you mash against Geese… watch out

The old dlc got more value too

New buffs, new opportunities

As spotted in the video, the protag got buffed

The antag also got a few

Liz counter works properly now, which could be a game changer for an already top tier character.

Tier redressing

Iori dp+B properties completely changed so it’s a movement tool and players are adapting to it like a fish to water. Ok it’s not really new but still:

Wait that’s how much damage off crouch B?

Beni got some new stuff and it looks like his dp is better, but combos like this are gonna kill some old fingers

Rugal got buffed too!

Yashiro might bring back his fans who abandoned him after the beta nerf

Yuri’s df D stopped moving so….

Maxima could be fun again, with longer guard point

Pretty much all the Krohnen players found a variation of this combo, and 5 bars will kill. His ss is now a new animation too.

Ramon is a strange one. They gave him an ex feint with a hitbox. What the use is exactly for is unsure and that of course is interesting:

Luong seems okay…


Vanessa hmm

Whip looks viable?

I don’t understand why they changed Heidern’s finger guns but they gave him a HP storm bringer

Shermie lolllllll she’s fine

No I’m not going to post 5 bar combos geez
But here’s 3.5 for Ash, same thing

Good luck

Terry Liz Delores Ralf and Andy? Why Andy?

Joe can still stun btw

Looks like some things got through the net

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