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As I don’t have the game yet, here’s a few choice clips from twitter, which might give you an idea of who to follow if you want juicy tech or combos!

As it is day -2 we might be seeing material that may be nerfed or even buffed in the inevitable patch.  The big question is what will the players find, or what will they keep hidden?  Who has a touch of death and who has an infinite?


Frionel has supported his compatriot Kukri and look what he has found:

Things will certainly change for KOF14 players as they start KOFXV, of course with the EX moves now available out of Maxmode, like it was in KOF13, there’s gonna be some explosive moments, depending on your meter stock… Clark players will definitely benefit.


One of the staples of the higher level play is using a safe jump, where the opponent can’t retaliate, Hellpockets found one with Terry but where’s the Joe tech bruv?

Speaking of Joe, another champ, KBR, has been practising on hitbox style, and here are the results!

The biggest change in KOFXV is actually the throw-priority on wake-up.  Aroo neatly summarises it here and gives you an option or two to beat it. Whether this system feature is actually good for gameplay is contentious but it doesn’t seem like SNK will change it so let’s deal!

Recovery rolls can be quite annoying when you’re trying to pin someone down.  It seems KOD doesn’t have that problem but timing might be hard

Another champ, Alioune likes Leona and you can see it shine through here

Give Ash to Tortita, of course he’s gonna find a TOD

Reynald found a TOD for the queen of ninjas!


There will be quite a few content creators producing guides, there may be an overload or you may prefer a certain flavour, so here are a few which cover the same thing, but I’m gonna focus on community members that will continue to play the game through its lifespan.

Rome goes through some tips and tricks for newcomers but you need to know the fundamentals of fighting games first.


If you have a friend who is a complete beginner at KOF or perhaps you’re coming from another fighting game and want to know which character you want to start with and can’t be bothered to actually go into practice mode with 39 characters, Rooflemonger made a nice video covering the basics of what each character can do:


The KOF World Champ Reynald is uploading content if you wanna watch real high level

Of course our friends in Japan will be going crazy but not many seem to have broken street date, some like Abao will start streaming from exactly the moment the game goes live.  Here’s a clip from the recent show on webtv where he went up against the champion M’.


Remember we have a streamer page which is community driven.  Add your own!

Tournament events have been planned!


If you’re looking for KOFXV tech on twitter you could search for these tags

That’s all for today and it’s gonna be a big mess starting Monday. We’ll see if I can stop playing to put in an update, I’ll have to start work on the review. This weekend will be boring as hell. Welp, I’ll be streaming KOFAS in the meantime, so see you later!

Did I miss something? Add a comment to include your recommended resource!

Ps. sorry, coverage of 98 and 2002 has ended. XV and KOFAS from now on.

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