We are still working on KOFXIV guides!  The beginner guide is particularly amazing.  The streams and event tournaments are doing well, plus with the upcoming KOFXIV on Steam in May 2017, it can only get bigger.  We still want you to get involved!


The team of contributors and editors includes:

If you can type some words or even just describe moves and copy and paste frame data, pls get in touch / leave a comment, to get a user account to help edit the guides.

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We still post news! Just not here.  Follow Orochinagi on Facebook or Twitter.   If you miss the news, well it’s not news anymore.

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Guides get lost in social network feed, so check out our guides, and our app for data and all resources including the calendar!

Random KOF Art!

If you needed another reason to still visit, there’s a random art on the front page!


Freezer is back with new goals! With your help, he’ll travel and represent you with a special initiative! This time, we’re going to make a special Tshirt, and put the top 10 donators names on it!
Then we’re going to try to get some SNK postcards signed by the KOF stars and send them out to random donators! We will also be streaming some special matches as part of the fundraiser! Stay tuned!

Here’s the tour plan:

  • Indonesia : Abuget Cup 2017
  • China : Canton Cup 2017
  • Hong Kong : Esports Festival
  • Philippines : Manila Cup 2017
  • Malaysia : FV CUP 2017

Freezer managed to go to Canton Cup 6 in China and went all the way to grand finals, only beaten by Xiaohai, on the demo version of KOFXIV. We all really want to see them fight again at full power! LET’S DO THIS![donation-can goal_id=’freezer2017′ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=true show_title=true title=”]

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