You should have heard the news from SNK this morning but here are some infos players might have not realised.

The WC will happen in two stages

  • The Four Kings in Tokyo Japan Sat 18th Feb 2017
  • The Grand Finals will be in Beijing China in mid March 2017

The Four Kings refers to the four heavenly kings in KOF lore, namely Chris, Shermie, Yashiro and Goenitz.  Once these four assemble, Orochi’s awakening is set.

SNK will be covering accomodation and flights for those who qualify for this tournament, so far this means namely:

  • Douyu.Qanba.Xiaohai (Singapore – SEAM)
  • AS.Reynald (USA – SoCal Regionals)
  • Douyu.Dakou (Canada Cup)
  • Some random guy  Cypher (Mexico Expo)

With the date already fast approaching, there are a few questions remaining:

Is this an invitational tournament only?

How many tournaments remain with qualifying spots?

The recent tournaments in UK, Italy and Australia, were not qualifiers.  NEC 17 is also not a qualifier (understandable as the US already had theirs).   So what’s happening to Europe, Korea, China and other nations?  It seems that SNK will be inviting guests to fill up those spots.  But how will they choose?  It’s going to be a hard case for public relations.  Deep Silver, the EU distributor, has been quiet so far.

There are still 12 spots to fill!

While some people speculated that M’ won a place, it’s not the case, MMCafe has revealed that Japan will not have any qualifiers and will invite directly two contestants.

It seems very strange, but it’s great that SNK is paying for players to travel for this grand occasion!  With more details to come, it’s sure to be hype!

Regardless of qualifying spots, SNK continues to show its community involvement with official support for NEC, Chinatown Beatdown, Casablanca Showdown and DG Winter Clash.  More details at the events page.

You can check out the official site posting here

and please don’t forget to fill out the surveys! Dec 12 is the deadline!

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