I don't have time to play games - Sylvie Paulo Paulo Torta
I don’t have time to play games – Sylvie Paulo Paulo Torta

Just Defend 4 featuring Torta

Brackets with 24 players, showing KOF fever is doing heating up nicely in Chile!

“i’d love to have a team involving athena and sylvie that is fucking toptier but it’s impossible” says Torta “i still get the issue (tracking detection) sometimes, but not that often”

Watching the semi finals, check out the range on Kula’s Climax, as Torta tries to take out Chile Chico’s Benimaru!!!

KaneBlueRiver at Dream Match!

There’s more spicy action today with KaneBlueRiver at Dream Match! ¬†Tune in for more dodgy tracking and lots of ass kicking with READY GO 12! 5PM EST!

Brackets should be here

Watch live video from KaneBlueriver on www.twitch.tv

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