Best Yuri ever? #GCCMajors #KOFxiv

What a tournament, what a stream! The GCC Majors was a whirlwind with Lacid, Freezer, BusterWolf and White Ash!  Some amazing play and an even more amazing finals.Looking at the line up, the favourites were clear.

But things didn’t turn out as expected. Everyone was expecting a grand final between Lacid and Freezer. They were clear clear favorites. Everybody slept on White Ash, who went on to prove determination, training and quick thinking reign supreme when the odds are sleighed against you.

44 players competed, here are the brackets 

Freezer was knocked into losers by White Ash, and yet we still expected a swift revenge.

But it was not to be, with a clear cut victory, at least in terms of score for White Ash, as he drove forward to grand finals versus Lacid.

And the fun continued!

White Ash met Lacid in the Grand Finals and to be honest, while impressed, everybody expected the new cream of Korea to win.  But what a struggle occured.  It was the most entertaining match and deadly Yuri  seen yet.  You can see the full top 8 below the GFs.

Honestly, if you weren’t convinced with KOF14, or you need a video to convince people it’s a good game, use this!

Top 8 Replay (3 hours including Grand Finals)

We hope to see Freezer return but also to see White Ash compete in more events!  This is a new era with new players at the top! That can only be refreshing and great for the scene!!!  Perhaps there will be rematches in Korea for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier!

Now here’s some Bonus Art!

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