Amazing matches and more for this weekend!

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Amazing matches and more for this weekend!

   FGC News   December 16, 2016  No Comments

We have a great round up of matches from this week plus all the info you need for this weekend’s streams!  Don’t miss out on global action hitting hard from east to west!


Vicio, Romance, Khannibalito, Rosa, Luis Cha, Realkim & more headed down to LV and kicked up the dirt!


Replays can be found here

FREE THEMES NOW AVAILABLE IN US AND EU – probably more regions soon!


Check out Lacid vs Madkof, watch out for Lacid’s Kukri and Daimon, not to mention Madkof’s Geese!!!

Bloody hell mate, those Daimon confirms are just ridiculous!

This weekend: 4 Events


2016/12/17 Saturday  Japanese Time 3pm – 5pm (10pm Friday PST / 6am Sat GMT)

Stream Channel: 


Madkof will be looking for revenge, but Bash is here too!



A wild Fox appears!  He will be competing at NEC along with Reynald in 8 pools of over a 100 fighters!



Brackets will be posted to the following link when they are completed:


Streams will be on KPB (Sat) and Bifuteki (Sun)


all day Saturday 17!


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