JUST LIKE ANIME. The venue was filled to capacity and after sign ups closed, no amount of begging could re open registration. It was absolutely awful! Once again, the players who were either too busy or couldn’t make up their minds were left in the cold, and with 41 participants for KOF14, with obviously a lot more wanting to join in, Revo was stuck between a rock and a hard place, where even if they were given the SNK World Championship qualifier spot, they wouldn’t be able to take on the dozens of extra players who would want to join in order to grab that prize flight to Japan…. Just to give you a taste of the some of the things organisers have to face.  Damned if they did, damned anyway.

And there was no way in hell anyone could blame SFV. It wasn’t even run at the event.

Did this faze them? Did they bear a grudge and dismiss KOF or leave it in the shade? NO. GGs were had by all.

A packed out venue with just fighting games, notably anime tiddies, I mean, titles. How is it possible?  People from all over Europe and even the Middle East flew in to play in this relatively small community center!!

There’s no point hoping for the niche, the clear favorite is going to win.  What was ever achieved with an attitude like that? Even the scum of the earth who became dictators started small. Even the heroes of this world started without being known.  Tl;dr never give up in something you want to achieve!

It is this attitude that got every organiser and every team to where they are now, and Nthgen Media are no exception. While others have turned their hobbies into jobs, and gotten the corporate shiny makeover, you can see from the photos and videos that REVO remains a grass roots, community, family affair.  Laid back, joking, rascal,  rapscallions, mean yet friendly, the gloves are off, the trolling is real and yet the back slaps are all round.   It’s a million miles away from the suits and smiles and the professional attitude.  It really makes you wonder what really makes a good event and does the FGC really need eSports to grow?   Does it even need to grow?  With a 200 people limit, NthGenMedia may have to look for another venue, and with that comes costs and a ripple effect of raising prices or cutting corners or seeking sponsorship.  Events like these you need to catch at the local level to really get the fun out of it!  Please attend events!!!

Right I guess we should get on with the matches

Just want to say thanks to the team for wasting their time giving menchilds a playpen to get in some games: Rayokarna, Frosty, ZeroNiiro, Firei, Commander Nippon,  and the rest.

This is totally not because they gave out awards to people who helped out the community and I was one of them…

Right! On with the videos and photos!



There’s a whole load more footage coming up, including DragonLordZ’s monstrous match against that crazy ass Izanami x Hakumen monster!! Check back, and sub, on the NTHGENMEDIA channel.

Ggs and congrats to all participants, with of course unbiased mentions to: ON.MichelS, ON.TSS.Atma, ON.DragonLordZ, CVE.KOF.Supa, NekoCristina, Grimulus, David, Paladin, Eion, Wauhti, Kimaf, Dracula and everyone!!! Oh and big congrats to the champion Zantetsu aka AC.Albanna!  He should be at GCC 2016!!

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