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KOFes Cosplay & Matches

   FGC News   November 22, 2016  No Comments

Button Mashers put on a great event in this challenging period for gamers in Japan. Without KOF14 on arcade, players had to meet at home, which isn’t very common and with many now having their own families, it’s even more difficult. Fortunately they have a solid internet infrastructure, but that still can’t beat a real offline meet up. Button Mashers managed to get support from madcatz, sanwa and SNK, choosing the Storia venue.

This is a game cafe, so they want people to eat, not just play games. Buttonmashers (BM) attempted to please the customers and venue by creating a official KOFXIV menu, perhaps the first ever seen. Judging from the video, it was quite a success!

BM was asked about the YouTube channel, and was uploading as we spoke. The footage is now available and you’ll see M’ and other familiar faces. Please support the official channel.

Afterwards, check out the tweets where BM will show you around the venue plus lots of cosplay action!

Check out the cosplay from KOFes this last weekend!