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Rumble in the Tundra Results and Replays

Luis Cha, Romance and Khannibalito amongst others battled for that 1K prize pot!

Here are the brackets


Organiser Brian Stone had this to say:

Hey everyone, here comes that long epitaph from the tombstone of Rumble in the Tundra 6 πŸ™‚

First off, words typed out on a screen are never enough to express my gratitude towards the community and players that support my events. Thank you for continuing to support the BFGC and helping this event grow every year! I had a great time and hope you all did as well.
I need to use up a lot of space here to give props to everyone who helped out this weekend, so get ready πŸ™‚

I really want to impress upon everyone reading this- The Buffalo Fighting Game Community, is THE greatest gaming community I have ever been a part of, and I feel blessed to have a true group of players invested in the idea of unity, friendship and the eternal struggle of improvement as individuals as well as the improvement of the community’s standing in general. Most of the out of towners that have met our crew have noted how friendly, dedicated and tight knit we are, and our events show it. You all support me and each other tremendously and you should be proud of it! Thanks again Buffalo Fighting Game Community, I couldn’t run an event like this without you guys and gals doing what you do, and doing it well.

I just wanted to give a big special thanks to two people in particular-
Russell Ordona for being my #2 and helping run the floor while I tended to other matters throughout the event, drive his players down, bring equipment and run a stream- the man is an amazing TO and an even better friend. Toronto is very lucky to have him as a community leader, he gives so much effort and goes the extra mile for anyone in need in that community. (ps. you still are a scrublord at SC)
I also wanted to have everyone know that local BFGC player Alexander Kuhrt deserves a lot of credit as well, he donated money to provide staff shirts, bought a new ps4/stick for the community to use and bought food to feed the staff throughout the event this year! He’s been a tremendous help and a positive influence on the whole community. Thanks again Alex, you are a true boon to the BFGC.

But don’t let this diminish praise for ALL of the help I received this weekend. So many people helped in so many ways, it’s again hard to express the gratitude that would be appropriate in comparison to their efforts, so please know you guys are in my thoughts and heart; and you know I’ll get at you on a personal note and look out for you whenever possible.

To my set up crew- Jon TD, Carl Eberhardt, Jason Baney, Bret Wallace,Ryan Suttner, Chris Messana, Lonz Josh, James Getty– You guys were clutch, came early, stayed late and came through with ideas and fixes when we were in a bind. Thanks for helping as much as you did and doing so without hesitation. I’m humbled to have so much assistance when the spotlight is off of what we are doing. You guys also brought me a lot of equipment in which the event could not of even happened without.. again, thanks.

To my overnight/security guys- Keyo HakumeiTenshi Zakuya, Steve Mancini, Jeff Noody, Greg Daily. You guys helped tremendously sacrificing your nights to help me watch over both areas- allowing me to work and even rest for a tiny bit without worries of something going awry.

To my front desk- Danni Stone, Rose Byington, Gina Sayles, Tribetta Spires, Ryan Suttner – thanks for running an amazing front desk this year- no troubles, problems or delays. You all did a great job and relieved a giant burden from me- thank you! Extra thanks goes to Danni, who stayed up 2 late nights to stuff badges into pouches for the event πŸ™‚ I love you.

To my TOs- Jason Baney, John Denman, James Getty, Jon TD, Barry Driffield, Matthew Grupe, Jared Higgins, Zander Cardona, Wickkles Dashdanceking, Brian Rusaw, Jason Thomas Ripple, Andrew Martin Berger, Alecks Jank, Erin Blocher, Matthew Caine, Robert O’Connell, Russell Ordona , Zachary Lang– You guys CRUSHED it this year, every bracket that ran, ran on time. Almost all finished early, there were few complaints across the field and this was the least worry I have had at any of the Rumbles. I can’t thank you enough for putting in the hard hours and hope you enjoyed the event and food πŸ™‚

To my drivers- Aaron Hunt, Jon TD , you guys came through on some crazily inconvenient requests and did so with a smile on your face. Incredible job and thank you for eliminating one of the detractions of our venue location- easy access transportation. You guys were on point and basically life savers all weekend.

My streamers/commentators- Andre Augustin, Rodney J. Reid, Michael Hernandez, Stephen Chhouth, Michael J. Dorsey, Matthew Grupe, Cujo Katy, Daniel Rabess, Adam Lopez, Matthew Hogan, Darien Bruce Vaughn Houston– thank you all for contributing to making this event more enjoyable for all viewers and keeping everything professional and clean. I put a lot on your plates and you all came through for me. I hope you all had fun and I hope to work with you again in the near future!

To the rest of the event staff and volunteers- Buffalo Game Space, John Futcher watching over BGS and helping where he could, Juan Valei making STUPENDOUS burritos for event attendees, ALL of the BFGC guys who brought consoles, displays and whatever else was needed- thanks again, you help make all other FGC communities jealous because we all pull our weight and contribute however we can! A true community effort goes into every Rumble!

To anyone I missed, please know I appreciated anything you did for me or for the event. Most of you know that I’m always running around like crazy and may forget after 3 things happen at once. But at the time you know I appreciated it and still do now!


Already looking forward to Rumble next year and planning for a bigger venue, as I believe we have grown too big for the current one πŸ™‚

Congrats to all the winners this year! Tons of hype matches and moments!

Many pictures/vids to come, and now I must go back to sleep πŸ™‚

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