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Gabo was on their video here talking about the road to Connecterday, eSports or gaming or something like that.  Who cares, it shows growth in the scene and that’s what’s important!!! 🙂

Connecturday was last weekend and check out the footage! Did someone say Hein and Billy in the finals? WOOOOOOO

Gabo has taken the spoils of the tournament and will donate it, with some sponsoring from Orochinagi (shirts and steam codes), as a prize for a free to enter tournament!  Pricey tournaments are good and all but it’s good to share with the players with little pockets too.   Follow Gabo and he will announce it soon.

Xioahai vs Dakou

Next up, Xiaohai went up against long time friend and rival Dakou, who mentioned via Charles that top 5 for him are Iori, Robert, Mai, Kula, K’ … and Benimaru is good too but boring to play.  Welp, I didn’t think Iori was all that exciting to play but hmm maybe when you’re applying the combos it can be quite fun and where is Kyo?   Anyhoo let’s check out this FT10 between China’s greats!  It’s got quite the buzz around it so there must be something in it worth watching.


Benimaru is here!

Coliflowerz has made another video showcasing Benimaru’s talents


Thursday: Casuals in London!

This weekend, the 3rd SNK World Tour qualifier: Canada Cup

Register here

Another shout out to Rival Scenes which could have a very long 3v3 …. should have been 3on3 :3

No point me telling you about Revolution in London, it’s sold out.

Did you miss the shirt sale? Ouch, Anhel will be gone before the day is out…. free shipping ends midnight 25th Oct.

EU Online Tournament Thursdays

This is the night, Thursday is the new Friday and Saturday lol

As usual the tournament page is as below, with all info and chat and stuff, so don’t tell me you never knew!


Tweets you might have missed 🙂



Look KOF killers




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