Maxima Combo Time!

From Dark Chaotix:

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BGM – KD-0079 : KoF 2k2 OST

Due to Patch 1.03, I had to change a few combos as they were either not possible anymore or damage is different. From the update, his df+C has a smaller hitbox so it harder to link sC ( 2 hits ) then df+C and crossing up with jC is also harder. However, he did get counter animation the same way he had if previous KoF from his qcb+A/C attack on counter hit. pre 1.03, it would just gave you counter damage but not wall bounce so this update did give him a few more options.

It is possible to link stuff after air qcb+AC but the window and timing is so small it made it difficult to experiment. For example, it is possible to link qcb+AC after air qcb+AC but have to be quick and low to the ground which isnt easy. It would of been good if you could do qcb+AC after hcb+B/D but the game wont allow you too.

Hope you enjoy this vid. Maxima does have some good damage output and seems fun to play.

I know I made 2 mistakes on this vid with the maxmode bar, where it should of been 1500 but was at 1000. It doesn’t compromise the combo, it just means I should of had more max mode bar to spare than I did in the vid.

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