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#KOFXIV Matchmaking

   kof ,   September 12, 2016  16 Comments


There was something odd going on with NAT Types not matching and then you not being able to find a room.  We know how this goes- people can’t find a room and then assume the game is dead, can’t be bothered to create a room and wait for someone to invade, and then you get crazy people with 1 bar connections lagging up your lobby because they are so desperate.


All you have to do is leave a comment with your

  1. Location (City/ Country)
  2. PSN Gamertag
  3. Level : 1.Beginner 2. Advanced 3. Expert

Gooooo!  Add some friends and get playing!

Of course if you don’t have issues with finding rooms and players (I don’t, for example) then don’t worry and be happy! 🙂


ps. Here’s our discord link – this shouldn’t expire…. (updated lol)

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