Update: MORE FOOTAGE from Nagoya!

KOFXIV Next Appearances: E3 and WNF

KOFXIV will be at the Sony stand at e3 on June 14 although we’re not expecting a big stream or tournament or anything like that.  It’s still great for mainstream coverage.

Regarding the FGC on the other hand:

Not to be outdone, Eric also announced:


Keep an eye on our event schedule!

36 Character Build Footage from Osaka

New Footage has appeared via Keykakko, who was at Tokyo and Osaka.  There’s a good 38 minutes of footage from the 36 character build.

You can see how the player gets to grips with Nakoruru from the very beginnings, learning links and combos, her crouch C and close C looking to have rather good range.

  • It also seems Nakoruru’s ground slash move has a follow up!
  • Vice did stand A, Stand D (2hit) DM, which got a bigger crowd reaction than Mai’s climax!
  • The CPU seemed to be on harder difficulty than in Osaka and did some unexpected reversals
  • Good crowd reaction to KOD “Cool!!”
  • Also features Shun’Ei and Nelson Kukri Hein
  • Chin’s normal attack patterns don’t seem to work but the simple combos with drink do great damage
  • You can see Goro’s new super where he grabs an opponent off the ground and hurls them into the air (22:08)
  • Shun’ei dashing super looks as fast as Shen’s or perhaps K’s for coverting hits in the air.
  • Mui Mui has a backflip, not sure it it’s her roll
  • CPU uses Max mode Combos!!!

More Footage from Nagoya

The next stop on the KOFXIV tour!  Thanks to Glasskyut and Velberan!

Again, looks like Nakoruru is gaining fast interest, at least at this point








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