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Brook.Misterio on KBrad, Best Plays, Interview

Brook Misterio

We’ve been working on this interview with Misterio for a while and we’re sure many people had questions – but certain things had to fall into place… and finally we’re happy to say it’s ready!  There’s also a great compilation of his plays afterwards!  In it, he discusses his current sponsor, his experience with international players and his Top 5 for SFV and KOF13!

What is happening with Brook? Are you sponsored by them?
Yes, I’m being sponsored by Brook, I am very happy about that and they are also happy with me, I´m very grateful for the opportunity and for them believing in me.

You have been playing a lot of SFV, how is it going?
I’m comfortable with the game, I have a lot to learn and improve, it is a good game and there are a lot of competitors playing as well, it is a good challenge as a KOF player to be good at SF.

Have you stopped playing KOF?
I have stopped competing, but KOF XIII is in my veins, for me it’s the best game so far.  In fact in Colombia I played SFV against Will2pac and Jeiwa, it was like 10 matches, but I played like 200 KOF XIII matches, with every local player I could. I´m still good.  Hahahaha.  I hadn’t played since my last tournament, four months ago.

You recently won and lost some tournaments. Then you came 2nd to K Brad. Tell us more
The american style is definitely different, this was my first tournament with American, Asian and European players. To be honest I don´t think I should have won anyway, Kbrad is very strong and he was superior in many points, but I think what really decided the result was the fact that he had practiced with probably the best Karin in the business (Justin Wong) and for me, it was the second time facing a character like Cammy.

Do you think you’ll beat him next time?
I’ll do my best to beat everyone.

Would you absolutely destroy him at kof?
Hahahaha! Kbrad in KOF, I think I have all the odds in my favor.

Seriously, why are you playing SFV, is it just for the money?
It’s about the competition, about my development as a professional player; about the money. Here in Latam everyone stopped KOF XIII, when SFV was launched; I wanted to prove myself in another area, absolutely unknown to me.

Some players, including Tokido, dropped KOF13 to focus on SFV.  So you’re the same?
Actually I did the same, I have a lot of projects related with new games, to achieve it, I have to be strong, so I’m focused on SFV so far.  But again every time I have the chance to play some KOF I’ll take it, it makes me very happy.

What are your future plans?
Being recognized as a Professional Video Game Player, someone capable to have good results in the game I decide to play, and if everything goes well, make a career of this, and be able to live doing what I love.

But you didn’t enter KOF at that tournament in Colombia?
No, I did not. I took the personal decision to stop playing KOFXIII competitively this year. And after that I received a lot of invitations to play, even to Pakistan. I rejected them because I’m only playing casuals, so if I decide to attend a tournament, any of them, and win, it would be inconsistent.  But I still love the game, I played KOF with every local player who wanted to play against me.  The grand champion of the tournament showed me his trophy and said to me “Thank you for not participating in the tournament” and we laughed together.

What do you think about KOFXIV King? 
Probably I won´t use King in 14, she looks like an old woman, with a lot of plastic surgery. Hahaha. And in any case, she doesn’t have an air fireball. I have decided to stay with Athena, and try some new characters.

(After watching the 32 character build) I hate her. Her climax “Illusion Dance” is not invincible. WTF!!! Since KOF 2000, spending just one meter, Illusion dance was fully invincible, the best DM move ever. And now, even her Climax Move, is vulnerable.

Do you think the game will appeal to more people?
There’s a saying here “for some things, less is more.”  Probably they are developing a game that is easy to play to get more people interested, something that makes a new player feel that he doesn’t need years of KOF experience to play XIV.

Ok, to finish, who are your top 5 for SFV and KOF13?
The game is still young, it’s very early to define a Top 5, but I would consider the best results on international tournament results, so…. Infiltration, Tokido, Fuudo, Jwong and Momochi would be my Top five.  Their game style, decisions, and mental strength are also very impressive.

KOF13 Top 5 are Tokido, Misterio, Xiaohai, ET (4th) and Madkof (5th).
Personally I think a player becomes remarkable when they excel in certain areas, execution, adaptation, decisions, defense, pressure, spacing.
And my top 3 fulfill all these areas, some players are stronger in certain areas and depending on the character and the decisions made, resulting in victory. That explains why Tokido was defeated by Xiaohai, Xiaohai was defeated by me and I was defeated by Tokido in a tournament.

I examined what Tokido does with Duolon; it’s very similar to what I do with King, both of us are able to exert a lot of pressure, with characters that are very difficult to use – because it is very risky.  For example, if Duolon or King are able to get a hit from a frame trap, they will do 250 damage. But to connect a frame trap they must stay close to the opponent and if you do something wrong, in just one frame, Karate can connect crouch A or Iori crouch B which will lead to 400 damage against you.

To be impressive is when a player has the ability to master a character 100% and make it strong, even in the areas where the character is apparently weak.  Duolon and King are not strong in close combat, they should play at a distance. The technique we acquire works when our opponent is not comfortable having those characters close, and neither at distance.  And while they are making decisions, trying to adapt a strategy or look for a counter, their life bar is slowly disappearing…!

You can follow Brook.Misterio on his [ Facebook Page ] or [ Twitter ]

The Best Plays

Here is a compilation of Misterio’s best plays at KOF13.  Will he be able to repeat this success at KOF14?  We’ll have to see.  But check out these plays, mixups and reads.  Such sickness, and makes us proud that Misterio is part of our community!  We hope he will continue to be a great player in any game he chooses!

If you’re still wondering about the Brook convertor, Misterio and other members of the community talk about it here

ps. He is still with Team ON 🙂

You can follow Brook.Misterio on his [ Facebook Page ] or [ Twitter ]

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