There’s really too much to post. Post will updated throughout the day.

Let’s begin with the most important thing for US fans:

Pre-order Bonuses

US release date 23 AUG
JPN release date 25 AUG

You can pre-order from several retailers in the USA, here.

Jpn pre-orders will receive the Classic Kyo SKIN (it’s not a different character). Check the video below.


Character Notes:

  • There is a ruler on the training stage to help you with your spacing!!
  • Clark’s Stand D looks like an anti air
  • Clark’s Stand C, Fwd B does NOT combo (which hopefully means it’s an overhead)
  • They’ve changed Clark’s Climax from that silly upside down move to something truly lethal!  EXCELLENT
  • Maxima has an upward shooting Climax??
  • Ralf has the Ralf KICK
  • Iori’s eye in Climax looks… decent now
  • The new character Shun’ Ei is VERY interesting with lots of mobility mid air
  • Kyo’s crouch C has TWO hits
  • Beni has his slash from 2003
  • Banderas is now Bandeiras

SNK is now allowing comments on videos ^^ and the response is much more positive, thank you everyone!

Reveal Gallery

courtesy of SNK as usual


To come: Photos from inside the venue + cosplayers and their twitter accounts ^^

Stream Replay:

(also check trailers below)

Watch live video from SNKofficial on

New Trailers

Here are the two new trailers if you missed them


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