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Serious and polite high school girl, Athena fights her enemies by combining her Chinese martial arts techniques and her natural psychic powers. Respecting the KOF tradition, the idol and heroine character that has appeared in every KOF title since 1994 is back this time with a brand new outfit! Psycho Ball!

ATHENA Costumes by RonnyMaia on DeviantArt

Has any KOF character had more costumes, and sprite work than the SNK Idol Goddess Athena? She returns with a huge …. death ball?

Thx RaionBomber


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This fatal beauty with mysterious motivations will lacerate like a whip her enemies in KOF XIV with her long legs and kicking techniques. Fans of Juri may well enjoy this fighter who has Shermie wrestling moves, May Lee counters and Duo Lon ranged attacks.  Rumours state she is in fact the wife of Kim Kaphwan’s master.    Are the introduction screenshots provided by SNK a hint to confirm this or is it just coincidence?  Her name seems to be of Vietnamese or Chinese origin, causing some confusion!


This young boxing prodigy has lost an arm after a terrible accident, but has been able to go back quickly into the ring thanks to a prosthesis conceived based on the last advanced robotic techniques. He fights now in order to seize the crown of World Champion, while hoping every day his partner will come out from a coma.

Play KOF, get cultured! This stage is based on the Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina, near Brazil.


SYLVIE Costumes by RonnyMaia on DeviantArt

One of the last remnants of NESTS, the beautiful young girl Sylvie was considered useless by the secret society until the day she demonstrated the extent of her electromagnetic powers. After the collapse of NESTS, she was scouted by the KOF tournament organizer during an underground fighting event. Sylvie is a totally new character and participates in KOF for the 1st time in this installment!

Most popular posts this week:

THERE ARE STILL 20+ characters to come!!!


#teamsylvie #teamathena WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?  

Will Nakoruru make an appearance in KOFXIV? Maybe it’s not even necessary….


This is just a mock up, but many fans have been crying out for this feature to come back…

New in the store with 20% off this weekend!



New 2.3 Million Download record beaten! Campaign launch announcement! Released on February 15th, 2016, “METAL SLUG ATTACK” has been unanimously acclaimed around the world, and broke through the 2,300,000 download threshold on March 24th, 2016.

In addition to the arrival of 5 new Unit characters, the new update on both iOS and Android platforms will be the start of two limited time campaign events, which will respectively allow users to preorder the upcoming “Leona” exclusive Unit and give support to new users! Your new mission can now start!

Version-up overview:


1) Addition of 5 new Units

2) LEONA’s Unit pre-acquisition limited campaign – Release of an exclusive set giving prior access to the upcoming Unit “LEONA”!

3) New User Support Campaign (limited to 7 days after ending the Tutorial mode) – Release at a very advantageous price of a set of parts and items needed to unlock up to 3 Unit parts. – Release of the Series’ 4 hero characters: “Marco”, “Tarma”, “Eri”, and “Fio”.

4) Multiple feature updates

?Launch date: iOS / Android ver.: March 24th, 2016

?Gameplay video:

Get it now! ?App Store… ?Google Play…

What’s been tweeting? Iori’s birthday, Sylvie and Athena Art and reactions to the 9th Trailer.

Check it out below:



The UK’s premier event, not long to go now!!

With top players across all games including Problem X, TSM Leffen, A Foxy Grampa, RB Luffy and MK commentary/ top player duo PND Ketchup and Mustard attending Hypespotting V this year, the level of play in all games is sure to be of the highest calibre. Get yourself signed up to ensure you can potentially cross swords with a killer and see all the action unfold on the big stage among the hypest crowd in the country.

Hypespotting V. Hilton Hotel, Glasgow. 2nd & 3rd April 2016.


It’s hard to imagine how all these games will fit into one weekend, but it will be done.  And while other events have “moved on” HS will still feature “dead” games, such as SF4 Ultra.

HYPESPOTTING V [ Facebook Page ] – [ Website ]

Button Czech

Button Czech

Registrations open

As we have mentioned before, Buttonczech 2016 takes place at Nová Chmelnice klub. The tournament will play out in a main hall with the size of over 200 m2, which is located on the 2nd floor of the building.  The big thing in the main hall is obviously a huge podium where the featured/streamed matches will take place. Don’t worry if you think you’ll miss any action, as everything will be showed on a huge screen with a professional sound system.

See more at the Venue page.

6th to 8th May 2016.

Tournament titles:

  • Street Fighter V
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • The King of Fighters XIII

Apart from the Czech elite, we’re expecting players from Germany, Austria, Poland and other countries around Europe. For latest information, see this page and/or connect with us on social networks:

Toryuken 5

featuring KOFXIII ^^

TORYUKEN 5 is coming on May 20th-22nd of 2016.

TTT has done it again. Collaborating with the very best in their field to bring you competition that only we can deliver.  Not only will be bring you all the fgc games you still play, we will also be providing over $6k worth of pot bonuses for our beloved fighting game community. The date is set, the game is ready, join us for TORYUKEN 5.


Friday: May. 20th – Team Tournaments
Saturday: May. 21st – Singles Tournaments
Sunday: May. 22nd – Top 8 games

Join our facebook discussion.


…. more info soon

[ facebook ] – [ site ]


Why even go?

Take a look at #FGCMAG: Photos, Interviews, Tips, Strategies, Cosplay, Classic eSports Moments & Events – all the things related to the Fighting Game Scene & Community.

Direct Download the PDF here (15.5MB)


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