Team Brazil by PltnmGhost

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#Inktober Days 17 – 20:Award for absolute best team in all of #KoFXIV goes to Brazil!Featuring a special boy!#KingOfFighters #Blacktober — PltnmGhost (@Pltnm06Ghost) October 22, 2017

Ikari trailer and community reaction #kofxiv

In this post: Combos, app, Nelson guide, ikari reactions, hot Leona, and more! So the trailer aired last night and it was interesting to see the reaction after the not so enthusiastic response to Psycho Soldiers. After the full game reveal at EVO, we wondered how SNK could impress anyone…

Nelson’s back story, MSA Leona #KOFXIV Digest

Check out the backstory for the newcomers featured in the latest trailer, plus trending posts on Facebook, event reminders and the latest tweets, all neatly in one post. ATHENA ASAMIYA Serious and polite high school girl, Athena fights her enemies by combining her Chinese martial arts techniques and her natural…