7th Trailer #KOFXIV and Speculations


So now it’s clear: It was the hand of Tung Fu Rue as seen in the last screenshot with Maxima, where Oda joked it could be Wyler from Art of Fighting 3.
With the addition of Chin and Choi, the rumoured leaked roster nears ever closer to completion. Who will join Tung in his team, will it be the “dragon child and pillow kid” or as we surmise, the Jin Chon Twins?

Check out this rumour roster by AT_Ryo_Sakazaki

There is still confusion over Kim’s wife – or is it Kim’s master’s wife? Only the future will tell!

Chin, Choi and Tung Fu Rue have their moves intact – will this mean the end of lovable Igniz? THE FUTURE IS NOW

Heidern and Whip join Metal Slug Defense!


You should know by now where or how to get them ^^

Speaking of Metal Slug, METAL SLUG ATTACK has been successful so far, with a new record broken, with more than 1,500,000 DL!

5 New Units are added- the nostalgic and popular characters from the METAL SLUG Universe such as the “Camel Slug” and “Hairbuster Riberts” !


March 20, Seoul Korea at Playstation Arena

April 26, Tokyo, Japan TBD

April 29- May 1 Osaka Japan at KVOxTSB

May 20-22 Rennes, France at Stunfest 2016 RUMOURED

July 15-17 Las Vegas, USA at EVO 2016 [ Lupe vs RZR.Xian ]  RUMOURED


Last chance for Hypespotting V Shirts

No better souvenir than a tshirt, and both of these will go off sale 15th March, making them unique memorabilia.


The official HSV Teespring shirt comes double sided with a twitch logo on the sleeve, and costs £17.50.

You can get the shirt here

Necali not your thing? The official HSV OrochiTees shirt is single sided, in metallic silver foil, and comes in several colours, costing £15.99; shipped in 3-6 working days.

You can get it here (it’s also available in the EU store).


OrochiTees is a sponsor of Hypespotting V, having donated several shirts for players to win!

You can win the OrochiTee shirt in the pub quiz, and tournament 4th place winners also have a chance to get a special gold foil edition!

Tshirt sale Deadline is March 15th – that’s FIVE days left!!!


Other Events Coming Up

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Mar 13, France, MELTDOWN

Featuring GGXRD and KOF13!

Facebook Event Page ]


Featuring SFV, KOF and others!

Facebook Event ]




It’s hard to imagine how all these games will fit into one weekend, but it will be done.  And while other events have “moved on” HS will still feature “dead” games, such as SF4 Ultra.


HYPESPOTTING V [ Facebook Page ] – [ Website ]


Want to win one? FIGHT FOR IT AT HYPESPOTTING! Or enter the pub quiz ^^

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19 March 2016! Click image for more info.  Stream will be on Nico Nico !

Button Czech

Button Czech

Buttonczech takes place in Prague on the weekend of 6th to 8th May 2016.

Don’t hesitate and head right to Registration. We’re looking forward to see you!

Toryuken 5

Over in Canada, TORYUKEN 5 is coming on May 20th-22nd of 2016.

Facebook | Site ]



[ facebook ] – [ site ]



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