The Lonestar Cup in Tokyo


ON.Vicio will be in town on the 19th March to meet his Japanese brothers!

To celebrate, as usual, there will be a random 3vs3 tournament at Shinjuku Playland Carnival.

It will start at 15:00 so you should come earlier to register.

Correction: It is 3 vs 3 – 3 players versus 3 players with a whole team each, NOT one character each.

Stream will be on Nico Nico at this address!

Raffle Prizes!!!

For more info, contact Myu on twitter.


New old skool matches from Mikado!

Do they play differently to how you remember? Might change the way you look at the game….  dat backstep tech lol

Here are some new matches from recent (2016) tournaments in Mikado!

Note you may want to lower your volume, the commentator cracks the speakers with his screaming….

And here’s some Buriki One for good measure

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