Finals #NGU2015 Streaming Now #USF #KOF #UMVC #GGXRD

There is a huge major going on in Chile right now featuring Tortita, Zero Black, Gutts, Baek, KaneBlueRiver and Kbrad.

The finals are streaming now in this order: Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, GGXRD, Ultra, KOF, Mortal Kombat, Marvel then Ultra Finals.

Timing seems to be on schedule right now: it’s 3:50 GMT+1 which is around 10:50 Chile Time…. so quite a long way to go for the finals…

Here’s the stream and you can check out the replays from last night below that.

Watch live video from VersusCL on

Schedule – all times in local (Chile) time


Watch live video from VersusCL on


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