Ralf Combo Vid and the return of Steam Tournaments

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Ralf Combo Vid and the return of Steam Tournaments

   kof ,,,   November 30, 2015  1 Comment

WalterRalf from Argentina has pulled out the stops to go full power with Ralf’s napalm powered fists with some stunning combos, proving again that even the lowest tiered characters can shine in the right hands. GOOD JOB SOLDIER!

The return of steam tournaments

With the recent sale (ending today) on steam, more people have been blown away by the netcode and suddenly realised that KOF is actually playable online.
Many die hards were eating their hats and so brushing that aside, there has been a resurgence on Steam.
Check out this tournament in action right now, with people already in the waiting list for the next one.

Only problem is that some people live really far away haha and still expect miracles, (strangely I just heard a complaint about BBCPEX’s netcode!) and Steam’s friend adding feature is rubbish. You’ll be far better off using the PC browser rather than the steam browser to add friends- find your profile link and share that, rather than your name.

Wanna get in on the fun? Sale ends Dec 1st! Prices quoted are in Euros, but discount should be 50% globally. Just get on steam, click the image!

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