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In today’s post: KOF98 for smartphones, a new Metal Slug Defense update and a questionnaire to be shown to SNK regarding figurines.


Pharaon dropped this link today,mostly to a response of horror and dismay, with a sprinkling of interest and hope.

kof qq

Why?  Because at first it seems to be a new KOF 98, with new portrait graphics, and the title of “same but different” tag raising other hopes.

Well, we had KOF98FE already, right?  Tencent has other ideas, and as we’ve all seen with recent movements in the industry (Konami, Namco for example), it’s clear the mobile platform is the most lucrative.  Why not make more console games?  We can all cry, beg and scream but looking at the finance required and the risk, we can also just die.  If people didn’t spend money on smartphone games, companies wouldn’t make them.  Blame people!


[row][column width=”1/2″][/column][column width=”1/2″]So, looking at the video, you can see that it seems to be a 3on3 format but in fact, rather than directional controls, it seems to be swiping and tapping; moreso rather than real time fighting, it seems to be turn based battles in some sort of RPG format.  That’s about all the research that was done before turning off and crying in the corner; this game actually looks quite good.  The thing with portable games is that they just that, portable.  It’s too easy to pull this out of your pocket to have a 5 minute bash in the toilet.  Not quite so easy to set up a monitor and console on the train, or anywhere.[/column][/row]

So, you might as well soak in the screenshots and watch the video on the site.  Who knows, if 10,000 people want it, Tencent could work on translation but the last petition for XDZW could only muster 983…



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SNK had asked what kind of units would you like next?  And a massive argument ensued, where some fans were complaining that there were too many KOF units, whereas others argued that KOF was central to MSD’s success.  The answer seems quite obvious: if people didn’t buy KOF units, SNK would stop making them.  It has nothing to do with fan favourites, it’s pure business sense.  Metal Slug is more popular than KOF in some countries, for example Italy, but globally KOF is a prime IP for SNK.

At any rate, the next release, which has already been planned for a while, is the Kim team (of Justice).

But that’s not all, there are new units, areas and missions too!  Available from August 6th on Android with IOS following asap after.

Grab Metal Slug Defense here for FREE!

Figurines Question

Questionnaire for SNK.  They will see these results so please vote honestly!  Thank you for your time!

Some people really didn’t know about the KOF13 chibi figures, and you can still find them in some places for under $10 (minus shipping).  If you really want, I could gather some and sell them direct to you ^^.  Just let me know.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.



Steam Codes to Win!

  • EVO 2015 Prizes : Staff + Tshirt Prizes = $208
  • ON Wolf Cup : Staff + Tshirt Prizes = $134.11
  • SPICY CUP! $$$??

Do you want to motivate people to play the game you love? Buying prizes is expensive! Of course I’ve got some STEAM codes to give out to thank donators via lottery, each dollar is a ticket! If you’d rather get more for your buck and give, buy a Tshirt!  Thanks to everyone who donated and are helping the scene!



Keeping cool, keeping cred, AUTUMN IS COMING, these lines will have to go soon!

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BUY NOW: US  | EU | GB ::  Art Prints > US


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