In this post: Andy Tutorial, Pachinko Tweet, Stream Replays, & Kim Art by Yoshihara!

MF Oubah posted this tutorial, which is actually not just a combo video- don’t be misled by the title!  It also has option selects and safe jumps, so definitely check it out!

Thx Vicio for the clarification!

Misterio had this to say:

Andy!! All that you need to know!! Great Job Mohamed Oubah
to which MF.Oubah replied:
“actually the visit of one of the greatest champions in kof which is you XD, motivate me a lot, you gave me a push to give more and more, I never loved kof 13 like when u came to morocco, beside that a friend from oman asked me to create a video for andy and there it is”

As Freezer mentioned, having a top player visit can really invigorate the scene and motivate players to get better!

The next chance to meet Misterio will be at DKO.


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  • EVO 2015 Prizes : Staff + Tshirt Prizes = $208
  • ON Wolf Cup : Staff + Tshirt Prizes = $134.11

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Stream Replays

Here are last night’s replays!  You can now find us on twitch again, as well as youtube, so make sure you add The King of Fighters XIII to your Xbox One Feeds!



BUY NOW: US  | EU | GB ::  Art Prints > US

BUY NOW: US  | EU | GB ::  Art Prints > US

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New Update for MSD!!!!

1) “Midsummer Horror Night” Special Event
?New Event Exclusive Area occupied by zombies!
?Shoot down all the zombies, and free all the POWs of this area to be rewarded with excusive Units!
?The exclusive Units of this special event are: “Zombie Eri”, “Zombie Fio”, “Zombie Tarma”, and “Tar Man (Red)”!
2) New Units
3) New Special Missions

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