#KOFXI Japan vs Korea Friendly #KOF11

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#KOFXI Japan vs Korea Friendly #KOF11

   kof ,,,   August 10, 2015  4 Comments

Note: This was just uploaded on the 8th August but it’s not exactly sure when the matches take place….

The following matches took place in Playland Carnival between U-rasia and Pie.  KOF11 has been a game of love or hate, way after KOF 99 came out with the striker system and many players left, SNK kept the formula and perhaps perfected it with this iteration and the leader system.  KOFXI is indeed a cult classic, even having a little rebirth in London, UK, earlier this year.

Watching the matches you will no doubt have admiration for Oswald, and join the calls for his inclusion in the next KOF.

Don’t forget the PS2 version is in fact the ultimate edition, with exclusive characters.


Thanks to Ougon Rensei for the uploads and U-rasia himself for the original upload on Nico.


Don’t forget


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