FT5 Replays from session at The General

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FT5 Replays from session at The General

KOF FT5 Replays

A big thank you to the General for hosting us!

I’m very sorry for the sound lag it gets sorted later on in the stream.

Recommended watching for K’ users.  And some nice Daimon too!

Some furious action and some hard hitting action, check out some of the patterns from Bash using Iori especially, often choosing resets and mixups over combos.


  1. BrownSky vs General
  2. ChocoboTiger vs Gunsmith
  3. Bash vs Brownsky
  4. General vs Bash
  5. Brownsky vs Bash
  6. Brownsky vs General
  7. General vs Gunsmith
  8. General vs Bash


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More tournaments coming!!

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