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So far, we have 72 registered players for the community ran KOF XIII side tournament at Evo 2015.

Registration for EVO is now closed.

If you have already registered for EVO and want to enter the KOF tournament, please register HERE!

The community composed of community old-schoolers, local tournament organizers, and well known streamers is working hard to bring you a hype Evo experience for KOF.

To register for the KOF XIII Evo Side Tournament Page for the game itself will cost $10 USD! Registering on the website makes things easier for us for seeding. To register for KOF, click on the button below!

Registration for KOF is only $10

If you already did these two things, you’re done!! See you at Evo!


Pools will be held at the BYOC area; all setups will be head-to-head. The pools will be run by many members of the KOF community and streamed by The Kings of Co.


The pools will be streamed by The Kings of Co 12 Noon – 6 PM
Watch live video from KingsofCO on www.twitch.tv

Finals (top 8) will be brought to you by non-other than MarkMan and company at the MadCatz booth, from 10AM-12Noon on Saturday.
Watch live video from MADCATZ on www.twitch.tv


Pools start at 12:00 on Friday July 17th and top 8s’ time is 10AM – 12 on Saturday.

To be able to participate in KOF you only need a spectator pass that you can get HERE, you only have until the 30th to get it!


Tshirts for top 3 are provided by ON, plus there is a bonus lottery for all entrants.

KOF fans, we do need your help! We haven’t secured a bonus pot for this event so we are looking to all of you for help. Please donate here.

If you do choose to donate, please a “Pot Bonus” note to the donation. If you donate, many, many thanks in advance!!!

Whether you are going or not, please consider donation for the pot bonus. Just make sure to add “KOF XIII Pot Bonus Donation” on the donation message box!

Please Donate to the KOF XIII Pot Bonus!


Thanks for reading! Here’s a vid with love from Texas!!

TF StrayWolf Vs TKC [ON] Vicio FT10

[youtube id=”p6W91R91H6w”]



Uh yeah, the same weekend as Evo.  Well, at least it begins two hours after KOF pools in the US.  So, stream monsters are gonna have a looooong day!

Duelling the KOF: ReVamp features KOF13, 2002UM, 98UM and 2002.  Players have qualified from various arcades in Japan.

It seems this will be streamed on Twitch :o

However, it doesn’t seem as if they keep archives!

Here is the schedule, taken from Koucha:

Saturday (18th July)
12:00? : KOF13
14:00? : KOF02
17:00? : KOF13 finals
22:00? : KOF02UM Exhibition

Sunday (19th)
12:00? : KOF02UM
14:00? : KOF98UM
17:00? : KOF02UM
time permitting ? : KOF13Exhibition

If you’re at Evo this weekend, they’ll probably be a viewing party, so ask around, you might pick up some last minute tips (if you’ve made it through pools!)

Players to watch out for in the KOF13 2v2:

??????????????/M’?Ichimu / M’
?TPDN????/????Hisa / Kabao
??????????/?????Picnic / Rinomoto
??????(??/???) Shoki / Naoki
??????????????? (Playland Carnival)
?Vegas??????(ON|?????/????) ON.Haregoro / Koukou
?????(???/ON|??) Ryu / ON.Tennkawa
?????????????(????/??????????) Taki / Kudento ni maya
???????????(????/??) Azuki Neko / Gaku
???????(???/??) Fear / Pam

For 2002, look out M’ and Hummer!


Watch live video from deshikawa on www.twitch.tv

Sources: KOF Koucha | Duelling the KOF: ReVamp | Play Spot Big One 2nd Saitama (featured image taken from there with thanks)

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