The Athena image has nothing to do with how I feel after watching the Fox vs MOA FT10 :3

Here’s the FT10 between MTK.Salim and MCZ.LDA.Luis Cha

MTK represents Mythik, the old arcade that Hokuto used to run. Hokuto, Jerome, Salim and Tahar are now a new (old) team. Note, Maxmode is still running.
Luis is still in France, and tomorrow’s a holiday. I wonder what he’ll do. It’s strangely raining like faq. Maybe he’ll visit the Eiffel Tower… maybe we’ll play KOF. Ahem. I wonder…

Faster Throw Tech thx to TSS Atma, defintely worth a watch, it’s only a minute long!

Here’s a look at the Ohio scene playing GGAC+R! Ohio! Man. That sounds like ‘good morning’ in Japanese, don’t it.

Metal Slug Defense is FREE on IOS and Android!

Best of all? It’s FREE!!! Go get it!


Fighting Climax from Acho
Mannnn after I saw Oogosho get a 15+ win streak on this game using Railgun girl whatsername, I’m kinda interested. Kinda.

More BBCP Pre Arc Revolution Cup. With the amount of footage, I’m gonna hate to watch the actual cup lol, gonna need years to get through it!

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