ROF/TRK +Today’s Matches #KOF13 #BBCP #GGXRD #P4U #2k2

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ROF/TRK +Today’s Matches #KOF13 #BBCP #GGXRD #P4U #2k2

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Republic of Fighters Registration ends 9th May
Note that tournament entry includes entry fee for BOTH days. Also, 3v3 team entry is 15€ in total.

ON Bubblan, ON Mr Wolf, ON Emperor Cow, Semper, Martin, & Mazinkaiser will be down!
Here’s the DOA Trailer for ROF

And perhaps strangely, there is going to be mega hype for melee with aMSa from Japan in the mix, plus it’s an MLG qualifier!

Toryuken reg ends 11th May

Gonna be cool with a good line up of games (inc. P4A, BB and GGACR) and Wong in attendance! Winner of SFAE will go to EVO.

BBCP watching them Kokonoe wins…. hmmmm

GGXRD from Acho, pre revolution cup. Can you wait any longer or what?

ON.EG.Frenxi vs ON.EG.Dims FT10
It’s brother versus brother!!!

Tikok plays a mean Athena, see how he fares against Luis Cha in a FT10!

Then we’ve got our Yuri specialist Steeve in a FT10 with Luis!

P4U Leisureland casuals featuring Chie & Yukari!

KOF2002UM from Nishinippori featuring Shoki and some pretty nasty K’ …

Metal Slug Defense is FREE on IOS and Android!

Best of all? It’s FREE!!! Go get it!


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