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ONC7 Results & Photos @Game_Versus Nishinippori

This was a killer hardcore tournament with over 30 participants and all the killers such as Oogosho, M’, Koukou, Cap, Haregoro, Myu, Tenkawa P, Shoki, Ringo and more!

Thanks to Shoki for running the tournament! Game Spot Versus is so awesome, staying open till 1am, gonna have to camp out next time :3

Thanks to Kumo for helping me out with translation!


  1. M’
  2. Koukou
  3. MOA

Congratulations to all players and winners of the steam codes: Azuki Neko and Keiz! See you on STEAM!

So M’ is the new hall of famer… Replays are available until Wednesday 30th April, if you have a premium Nico account


Thanks to SNKPLAYMORE for the steam prizes!

Nishinippori Versus:?Http://Www.Game-versus.Net

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