KoF XIII – Neutral Wake Up and Wake Up Roll Invincibility

GuttsCL has recently upload two new vids showcasing invincibility frames upon wakeup.

The first vid is an apparent “glitch” that only Yuri, King and Vice acquire during some knockdowns. If the stick is left in neutral state (so not blocking or moving), the opponents safe jump attempt is nullified. The vid also shows what happens if you try to block as per normal situation or attempt a reversal to a safe jump attempt (king at 0:44). Since Vice and Yuri have a command grab, they benefit best since it can be used to punish safe jump attempts (Yuri at 1:07).

The second vid shows the invincible frames on a soft knockdown recovery if the stick is also left in neutral state. Since everyone can recovery roll on a soft knockdown, this is meant to be universal to the whole cast. Similar to the vid above, if you leave the stick in neutral while doing the recovery roll, you will nullify safe jump attempts. This also seems to benefit any character that has a 1f grab or move.

What do you think? Does this changes how safe jumps are looked at? I believe more testing is required but this is a start.


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