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@Haregoro Interview part 2


The second part of our interview with Haregoro, the first of our player interview series, covering his experience at Evo…

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EVO is now a long time ago, but it makes for a good question: what can you remember most?

The EVO period was a really satisfying. I didn’t make it into Top 8, but we won the 3on3 country matches held in the Korean lounge.

EVO was such a great time. I wasn’t not able to make it into top 8, but I still had a great time enjoying a lot of matches including the country 3 on 3 tournament in the Korean lounge which we won, and it was also great to be able to make exchanges with the overseas players though fighting games.

But the thing that I was really happy was how everyone supported me on my participation to EVO. Before I flew off to Vegas,ON|Myu and a bunch of my fighting game colleagues made me a group card that had comments of support written by everyone. The renowned Orochinagi.com also rooted for me and supported me as a sponsor. A lot of other people also cheered me on, and it was because of everyone’s support that I was able to enjoy EVO as a fighting game tournament and also as a vacation experience. I really appreciate it!

Did you feel a difference between Japanese and overseas players?

Yes I felt a difference. I was amazed at how overseas players in general were consious about anti-airing in terms of playstyle. It was like, “seriously– you hit me out of my jump at that timing?” It definitely left me with an impression that they’re good at defense. Also, they’re really tenacious on their second set and beyond.

 What did you think about the money matches?

I didn’t get to play a real money match during EVO so I can only talk from presumption, but when you’ve got money on the line and your reputation as to who’s the stronger player is also being counted, things are going to be seriously tense compared to casuals.

Who impressed you most at Evo?

I don’t know what his name was, but the guy that I fought right after the pools (the guy before I fought Fox) left a strong impression on me. His team was Flame Iori, Karate, and Shen. It was a really tough match, but I beat him. After I sent him to losers, he beat Ogosho and also gave Koukou a hard time. So again, he left a big impression on me. Within the top 13s though, it would be Fox.

Have you studied your match versus Fox?  What do you think about his level? What do you think will happen next time you meet?

I watched the video of my match and it made me recall the mortifying feeling I felt back then. I think Fox is a player who has the strength to win at EVO. His Chin was quite the real deal. But if I ever get the chance to fight him again, I am going to win no matter what!!

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Translation by Professor (muchas gracias)!

Here’s some Dune vs Haregoro action to keep you busy!



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