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Here’s the first of our series of exclusive interviews with players, giving you a chance to get to know what makes them tick, what inspires them and makes them world class!

Our first interview is with the stunning Joe Higashi user, Haregoro, member of Team Orochinagi, who can be seen regularly at tournaments in Japan, winning at Nishinippori, and finishing high at Evo 2013.  Here is the first of a three part interview where we talk about his name, what made him a fighter, what he thinks about tier whoring and more! ????????????????!
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PART 1 of 3 : JOE

Why’s your name Haregoro?

I used to play Alex on STREET FIGHTER? 2nd IMPACT, and my friends called me “Ale-goro”. I kept that name until the tournaments for KOF2000. When KOF2001 came out I decided to change my name, so mixed my real name (Haruya) in there and it became Haregoro. And that’s how it’s been ever since.

Why do you like Joe so much?

I like Joe because he’s hot blooded and he also has a cool voice. I especially like Real Bout Fatal Fury’s Joe, and I’ve been using him since my arcade debut in KOF97 up until now with KOF13.

Did you pick Hwa because he is a head swap of Joe? 

It’s not because he’s similar to Joe nor because he’s a bald Joe. When I decided to take out Maxima from my team, I thought that Hwa is a perfect character for me because he’s good at forcing the opponent to keep blocking and he also does damage.

You used to use Maxima but now you’ve dropped him. What happened?

I really like Maxima as a character. Back in Ver1.1 (vanilla), I used him as a core member of my team since he was really good at breaking down the opponent, he could do a lot of damage, and he was also great at passing down stocks to the next character. It was because of Maxima that I could use my beloved Joe and Shen at their best conditions back in ver1.1. But Maxima couldn’t be used in the same way in CLIMAX, so I gave up on using him as one of my main characters. I still use him as a secondary/sub character.

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Part 2

Translation by Professor (muchas gracias)!

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